Media Council of Mongolia

Media Council of Mongolia



Established in early 2015, as result of the successful collaboration of journalists, media houses, industry, journalist associations and professional media organizations, the Media Council of Mongolia (MCM) is the independent regulator for the printed press, broadcast media and journalistic online media in Mongolia. We uphold the highest standards of journalism by monitoring and maintaining the standards set out in the Mongolian Media Ethics Principles. Central to the core aims of the MCM is to support freedom of the media by assisting media houses and journalists follow professional and ethical journalistic standards in order to serve the public interest. We do this principally by providing a free and impartial complaints process for the citizens of Mongolia.


Our Goals


  • To support freedom of the media
  • To protect media and journalists against any kind of censorship 
  • To establish accountability of journalists and media organizations for the society 
  • To develop ethics and professionalism in journalism industry 
  • To protect journalists’ rights to be independent 
  • To resolve conflicts about professional and ethical standards without criminalization


Our Structure


MCM has 45 members across three separate bodies. Each body is fully represented with an equitable number of personnel representing owners, publishers, media houses, journalists, associations and media experts. 

  1. Board of Directors (15 members). Responsible for the governance of the MCM, which includes monitoring and reporting on the performance of the Ethics Committees. /Mrs. Tamir Ukhnaa, Chairperson of the Media Council of Mongolia/
  2. Ethics Committee for Print and Online media (15 members). Ensures ethical behavior and integrity of the printed media and websites. /Mrs. Bolormaa Khenzee, Deputy head of Print and Online Ethics Committee/

  3. Ethics committee for radio and television (15 members). Ensures ethical behavior and integrity of the broadcast media /Mr. Sukhbaatar Shirchin, Chair of Broadcast Ethics Committee of MCM/

The Ethics Committees deal with complaints about their respective media with the aim of resolving them in an amicable manner, as outlined in the MCM’s How to Complain leaflet, which is available at


The MCM also has a small permanent Secretariat, comprising an Executive Director, Project Coordinator, Complaint Officer, Accountant and a Secretary. 


Mrs. Gunjidmaa Gongor, Executive Director of the Media Council of Mongolia




The Secretariat reports to the Board of Directors and handles the day-to-day operations of the Council and provides administrative support for the Complaints Process. As a responsible and transparent public body, we audit our financial accounts annually and publish them on our website.


What We Do


  • We receive complaints from citizens regarding potential breaches of the Mongolian Media Ethics Principles by the newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online media that operate in Mongolia. 
  • We approve the Mongolian Media Ethics Principles for journalists and, in cooperation with the media industry, improve it where necessary. 
  • We work with the media industry to maintain and, where appropriate, help raise professional journalistic standards and ethical principles. 
  • We give the public, journalism and media industry a common voice in protecting press freedom.


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