The Media Council of Mongolia non-governmental organization's Governing Body approved it by its resolution #5 on June 24, 2015.




One. General provisions

1.1 This rules of conduct aim to form and follow conduct and ethical behavior in members of Ethical Committees (hereinafter referred to as "Committee") and strengthen the Media Council of Mongolia’s (hereinafter referred to as “Council”) independency and fairness.

1.2 The Committee members shall be responsible for following this rules of conduct, the Council's operational procedure, and protecting its reputation.


Two. Ethical Principles

2.1 The Committee members shall follow the following ethical principles: It includes

      2.1.1 To have professional skills;

      2.1.2 To be fair;

      2.1.3 To be responsible.


Three. Ethical norms

3.1 Within the scope of article 2.1.1 mentioned above, following ethical norms shall be followed. It includes:

      3.1.1 To familiarize and study media norms and ethics, to advance one’s knowledge and skills, and to continue to develop one's experience and expertise;

      3.1.2 To make every effort from one's side in order to ensure a high level of performance, and being creative, productive while fulfilling one's duties;

     3.1.3 To try to have knowledge and communication skills which can express one's confidence for solving complaints fairly in one's activities and speaking;

    3.1.4 To study any problems at a professional level and share accurate and reliable information with others, to speak out regardless of satisfying others' opinions, and to warn risks, negative sides, or potential consequences in advance.

3.2 Within the scope of article 2.1.2 mentioned above, following ethical norms shall be followed. It includes:

      3.2.1 To fulfill the Committee member's duty fairly and uninfluenced by others, and to avoid any situation which might raise the interest of conflict;

     3.2.2 While fulfilling the Committee member’s duty, a member shall not discriminate or create any interest of conflict such as colluding with or giving a promise to a party, whose interest is raised, taking rewards or providing advantages to them;

      3.2.3 To put the Council’s interests before personal interests anytime, and shall not do any activities which are contradictory to the Council’s goals.

      3.2.4 Always prefer rightness for solving any issues;

    3.2.5 A member shall not influence or try to influence others' activities, ask others to do any actions which don't along with the Council's goals and activities or discriminate against others.

3.3 Within the scope of article 2.1.3 mentioned above, following ethical norms shall be followed. It includes:

      3.3.1 To understand or support the Council’s goals and  significance, actively participate in the Council's activities voluntarily, and have the interest to participate in its operations;

     3.3.2 To fulfill one's duty fairly and effectively in a timely manner by understanding one's duty to follow Council's policy, rules, or complaint procedures, and shall not do any actions contradictory to the Council's activities;

     3.3.3 To ensure confidentiality of information such as complaints discussed by the Committee meetings, members' opinion, words or debates related with the discussion of complaints, and shall not share this information in any forms to others;

     3.3.4 Respecting the Committee's decision based on absolute majority, one's personal opinion regarding the decision shall not be shared with others however one's opinion is different than the Committee's decision, and also, shall not make any rumor, gossip or quarreling;

    3.3.5 To add one’s contribution to the Council’s sustainable development by communicating with other members openly and respectively, understanding mutually, always discussing and respecting unity;

      3.3.6 To keep the information, which collected while fulfilling one’s duty, confidentially, and shall not further use this information for one's interest;

     3.3.7 To prioritize the public interest, accountable journalism principles, and trust, shall not have any relevance with politics, business groups or any media organizations while fulfilling one’s duty;

      3.3.8 Gestures and behavior shall be directed to strengthen the public and media outlets’ trust towards the Council and improve its reputation;

      3.3.9 The Council’s name shall not be used for personal interest;

     3.3.10 A member shall not involve in any activities which have features to lower or contradictory to the Council’s reputation for fulfilling one’s duty, and shall not take any stance or roles;

     3.3.11 If a member give explanatory notes regarding the Committee’s activities or decisions to media, his/her speech or articles, which will be published, shall not conflict with the Council’s reputation and independence;

     3.3.12 A member shall not disseminate any information which explained the Council’s policy or activities negatively for political purposes or which tells one’s personal opinion or assumption is the Committee’s decision or stance;

     3.3.13 In case of any social and cultural activities which are contradictory to the Council’s reputation, a member shall refuse to participate in it. 



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