One-Year Anniversary of the MCM

The MCM was established as a result of the united voice of Mongolian journalists, employers, researchers, associations and various NGOs. On the occasion of its first anniversary on 28th January 2016 Mongolian media and stakeholders came together to mark and celebrate the MCM’s first year of operations. 


The MCM introduced its accomplishments and took the opportunity to further explain how it will support the development of responsible journalism and how it will assist journalists to work under their professional ethical standards.

The MCM also took the opportunity to express its gratitude and appreciation to those organisations that took the brave step to establish the Commission, which included the Press Institute of Mongolia, Media Council Mongolia Club, Globe International Centre NGO, the Transparency Fund, Kuhn Radio Association, Information Technology Capacity Development Forum NGO, MIDAS NGO, Local Media Association, Mongolian Web Portal Association,,,, Mongolian National Broadcasting Television, Mongolian Mining Journal, Parliamentary Journalists’ Association, Press Club, Social and Humanitarian Sciences School of the State Pedagogical University of Mongolia, Mongolian Journalism Association, German Deutsche Welle Akademie and the Friedrich Ebert  Foundation.

In another landmark event the MCM signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Mongolia Web Portal Association, Leading Web Portal Association, and Information Website Association. This was an important step to bring the Internet organisations into the regulatory arena to cooperate effectively in the future.

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